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PROBLEM: The old ghost trap lacked a friendly interface. In addition, it was not accessible to a wide variety of users. For example how could a blind user trap ghosts? 

AUDIENCE: The users are PhD level professors; however, they differ in technical understandings. Two users are especially technical while the remaining two are less so. This means that the trap will need to have very high learnability and memorability. There should be visual queues on the device itself. That way, all levels of users could work with the product.

Ideation through completion

The users would be operating in a high pressure environment. 
The product would need
to work quickly and effectively.


ENVIRONMENT: In general the users would be operating in a high pressure environment. The product would need to work quickly and effectively. The product would also be in a variety of locations: from taxicabs to subways to libraries and ballrooms. This means the trap must be relatively compact easy to deploy on a variety
of surfaces.


The top three aspects of the Ghost Catcher 9000 are the motion activated opening, the remote control, and the weighted capability that would make the opening always land face up. The motion sensors serve to help the Ghostbusters catch the ghost without having to open the trap. This gives the user flexibility and ease of use. The ability for the trap to move via remote control would help the user get the trap under the ghost eciently, and from a distance. The whole trap apparatus being encased in a “gyrobowl” ensures that the trap is always face up, lending itself to the users preference. The Ghostbusters would not have to physically put the trap lid up. All key features would help the ghostbusters do their job more effectively and effeciently.



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