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iSchool Website

PROBLEM: Create a website that several users with different goals can easily navigate, and find the information they are looking for. ​

AUDIENCE: The users fall into four groups, usually above the age of sixteen: Current Students, Future Students, Faculty & Staff, and Alumni. Depending on the user, the goals change. Therefore, we attempted to look at how to rearrange the site in a very practical manner by working to make the system task-oriented.  

We began to think about how the user might want to use the system.

ENVIRONMENT: This system will need to perform well on both mobile and desktop. It will also need to take into account accessibility for all users.

KEY FEATURES/TASK ANALYSIS: This is a major redesign from all aspects—we began to think about how the user might want to use the system. Though these initial sketches only show one page's design, I decided to focus on two pages in an attempt to think about the first things an iSchool student would want to see when they land on the homepage, as well as what they would require in a contact page. These sketches took into account the possibility that the navigation might change.

Various screens are shown, all of the screens are secondary screens. There were several "must-haves" that the committee wanted for the iSchool website. The first was a crumbs part for the design, so that the user did not get lost in the content. A lot of time was also spent on culling the content.  

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