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Scenario One: Design a basketball game event on Halloween called "Hoops for Hounds" and adoption event held at the Verizon center. 

Image courtesy FREEPIK.COM

I don’t know who the Wizards are, but I am in the market for a dog and would like to adopt.

Suzy Portillo

AGE: 25

INCOME: $70,000

BACKGROUND: Originally from upstate New York; Holds Undergraduate degree in Marketing from Syracuse University. She’s not really sure who the Wizards are...

NARRATIVE: Suzy is not that interested in basketball, although her boyfriend is an avid watcher of games. He is not a Wizards fan, so she has rarely seen a Wizards game. He would be interested in going to a game, though. She is in the market for a new best friend and would not like to travel that far to look at some rescues. She lives in Chinatown, within walking distance to the game. 

SUZY'S GOAL: Adopt a dog



  • Wants the experience to be low pressure, but also have the opportunity to put in paperwork if she likes a dog. 

  • Wants to hear how other people like their experience, and would be willing to listen to a celebrity about their experience. 

  • Would be into going to a basketball game if it was included in the price of a ticket to something she has already bought. 

Cal Barnes

AGE: 32

ROLE: Holds Undergraduate degree in Finance from American University; DC native, long-time wizards fan

INCOME: $67,000

NARRATIVE: Cal is a DC Native who just got married last year to Tilly Barnes. He works in downtown D.C. at a financial firm as a accountant. Currently, he resides in Northeast D.C. in a town home. He and his wife adopted a dog, Roscoe, last year. It was very important that Cal adopted Roscoe from the local animal shelter. 

Being a D.C. native, Cal is a Wizards fan, since they became the Wizards in 1995. He and his dad used to go to Bullets games as young as 7 years old. Being a lifetime fan of the ­Wizards he loves to watch them, and he lives fairly close to the stadium as he doesn’t own a car. 


  • Include his whole family—Roscoe, and his wife, Tilly. Ideally Cal could see his favorite team, but also have his wife want to participate and Roscoe there so that nobody is left home alone. 

  • Be able to attend a Wizard’s game with a fun, family friendly event, where he could have a little fun with his dog.

Image courtesy FREEPIK.COM

I love the Wizards! If there was some way Roscoe could join in the fun, I would love that.

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